General practice medicine


The Sternmatt Practice is a solo general practitioner practice. My name is Benjamin C. Wronn. I will always be personally attending to the medical needs of my patients. That means that you’ll always have one point of contact. One person who takes responsibility: Your primary care physician. This is my promise to you!

General practice medicine is communicative medicine

The doctor as adviser, coach and contact for overcoming the patient’s health problems. The focus is on you as a person. Attentive listening and appreciation, as well as taking the patient’s subjective symptoms seriously are the foundation of a trusting patient-physician relationship, and often enough start the diagnostics off on the right track.

General practice medicine is personalised medicine

In the increasingly complex field of modern medicine with its incredible high-tech opportunities in the areas of diagnostics and therapy, it’s the job of your general practitioner to set the course to help find the best individual treatment for you together.

General practice medicine is efficient medicine

Your general practitioner knows you and your medical, and often personal history. He knows what conditions you have, the medication you need for them, and the results of your past examinations. With this knowledge, the necessary examinations and treatments can often be started directly in the practice with your personal doctor. Our practice offers a large repertoire of technical options.

General practice medicine is cooperative medicine

Occasionally, a further examination is necessary or a specialist needs to be consulted to diagnose or treat your medical condition. For such cases, the Sternmatt Practice maintains a wide network of institutes and specialists we work with which your primary physician will refer you to as needed.

Range of diagnostic tests

  • Practice laboratory (including urinary status, blood counts, inflammation parameters, blood sugar, blood coagulation, heart attack enzymes, cardiac pump failure, embolism and thrombosis parameters)
  • Electrocardiograph/ECG (measurement of the electrical activity of the heart)
  • Pulse oximetry (measurement of the blood oxygen content)
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (to record blood pressure levels for 24 h)
  • Ambulatory ECG (to record electrical activity of the heart for 24 h)
  • High-resolution digital x-ray (the patient receives the images on a CD)
  • Spirometry (lung function test)
  • Audiometry (hearing test)
  • Vision test (standardised to nearsightedness and farsightedness)
  • Focus: High-resolution sonography including colour-coded duplex sonography (ultrasound) of the abdominal organs, thyroid, lymph nodes, soft tissue, etc.)

Therapeutic scope and conditions

  • General practice basic care
  • Practice pharmacy (self-dispensing)
  • Treatment of heart disease
  • Treatment of metabolic diseases such as diabetes and thyroid disorders
  • Treatment of diseases affecting the organs of digestion and the urinary bladder
  • Treatment of disorders such as irritable bowel, irritable stomach, irritable bladder
  • Treatment of allergies
  • Treatment of lung diseases
  • Treatment of infections
  • Post and adjuvant care for cancer
  • Treatment of skin diseases, incl. hair loss
  • Vaccinations, including travel vaccinations (with the exception of yellow fever)
  • Screening and check-up examinations
  • Fitness examinations
  • Driving fitness examinations for the Road Traffic Department
  • Medical aviation fitness examinations for the Federal Office of Civil Aviation > More information
  • Infusion therapies (e.g. iron infusion for anaemia, iron deficiency with chronic fatigue)
  • Smaller surgical procedures
  • Initial diagnostics and therapy following minor accidents
  • Psychosomatic short-term interventions
  • Pain therapy, drug and non-drug using individualized medication plans, manual techniques, precise ultrasound-guided injections in the regions of tendons, joints, spine and muscle trigger points, acupuncture, cupping therapy, TCM > More information
  • Range of indications:
    Rheumatic conditions, osteoarthritis, overuse and improper posture injuries, and for chronic pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, neuralgia and tumour pain